vocal music department - Mr. Jonathan Meszaros


CONCERT CHOIR:                

All students in choir classes make up the Concert Choir at NVOT and are able to participate in all other choral opportunities at NVOT.

Concert Choir performs at least four times throughout each school year, and members are eligible to attend the annual Spring Music Trip.



These two separate ensembles are open for all students at NVOT who commit to attending rehearsals for either ensemble. (Schedule

of rehearsals is based on interested students' availability). Ragazzi is for low voices (tenors and basses) and Bella Voci is for high voices (sopranos and altos).



All students who sing in the choral department at NVOT combine to perform as part of the Encore Chorus. Students who are not in choir

class and wish to sing with the Encore Chorus must attend rehearsals outside of the school day. This can be with Ragazzi or Bella Voci,

or on Monday evenings for Encore rehearsal from 7:00-8:00pm.



This ensemble is open only to students who are in a music ensemble class and is selected through an audition process. All members demonstrate high level of musicianship, sight-singing, and commitment to the music department. The group rehearses every Monday evening from 7:00-8:30pm.



This is a student-led group that performs more popular contemporary music in unaccompanied arrangements.